A Mission of Caring 

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Desert Treasure Assisted Living Homes

"I was lucky to find Desert Treasure when I was looking for a place for my father as his dementia worsened.  ​I lived across the country and couldn’t be there to check on him frequently.  The director and staff were excellent – caring, compassionate, competent, and knowledgeable and I knew I could count on them to monitor his health and know when he needed more medical attention.  The staff treated him as they would their own parent.  Desert Treasure works hard to maintain consistent staff so my dad was surrounded by people who knew him and truly cared about him – that made a big difference for my dad and for our family."

David J. Schonfeld, M.D.
Director, National Center for School Crisis & Bereavement
Children's Hospital, Los Angeles

What people are saying...

At Desert Treasure Assisted Living Homes, RESIDENTS ALWAYS COME FIRST  and with a team approach, individualized care is a priority for each distinctive resident.   Our relaxed atmosphere promotes a cozy ​and cheerful home environment where families and residents alike find solace and comfort in each other during these changing times.

Desert Treasure Assisted Living Homes  are dedicated in providing compassionate and dignified care during the most vulnerable moments of ​an adult's life.  Our team is committed to enhancing quality of life for residents and families in many ways:

  • ​by recognizing the significance of family input and resident histories while including their interests in daily living and scheduled activities
  • by selecting and training devoted employees who share similar interests and goals
  • ​​by offering exercise, botanical, musical and therapeutic programs for occupation & stimulation​

"She loves it here!  Thank you for the wonderful loving support you and your staff offer my mom. During this time of uncertainty it's been so comforting to know that you are keeping my mom safe, healthy, and content."

Vicky Stromee
Retired Mental Health Counselor & Local Tucson Artist